Luxury Technology Solutions

The Chosen Technology Group is focused on bringing luxury technology solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Instead of selling off the shelf services, Chosen Technology Group always starts by examining the business problem that a client is facing and designing a solution to solve it.

Welcome to The Chosen Technology Group

We are a group of experts with experience in Voice over IP, call recording, customer relationship management, and business management technologies. Our solutions power some of the most recognizable names in the industries we serve and we are proud to be active members of their trade associations. We are loyal to our clients and in turn, have loyal clients who are ardent supporters of our brand.

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Hosted VoIP

Are you spending thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars maintaining your legacy phone system? Frustrated by the lack of options like call recording, intelligent routing, and the ability to scale to hundreds or even thousands of users? Our industry leading, custom built hosted VoIP solutions provide all of the features you need without a capital investment. With our systems hosted in our exceptionally well-connected, geographically redundant data centers, we offer mission critical reliability that powers 24/7/365 businesses throughout North America.

Call Recording

What level of customer service is your staff providing? Are your customers really as satisfied as you think they are? Not sure who to believe in a client dispute? Chosen Technology Group’s Call Recording platform is the solution. With unlimited call recording storage, up to 7 years of redundant multi-cloud provider backed storage, and granular access controls, you won’t find a better platform for call recording anywhere.

SMS / Messaging

Did you know that we can text enable your business phone number? Your customers can now text you at the same number that you use for voice calls and you can respond to them. In addition, we provide solutions for text message marketing, assigning virtual text phone numbers to your field staff, and automated reminders by SMS.


Do you want to connect with customers outside of your home market? We can provide a toll-free number that gives your business a nationwide presence. With access to the full toll-free number database, we can get you a number today.

If you already have a toll-free number, Chosen Technology Group can increase the reliability of your service and save you money every month. Using the services of our independent Responsible Organization (RespOrg), we maintain multi-carrier redundancy and route calls through the best carrier networks in North America. The result – the call always gets through and you maintain control of your valued toll-free number.

SIP Trunking

Do you have a legacy on-site phone system that is connected to an expensive phone carrier? SIP trunks may be the solution to increase your flexibility and save 40-60% per month. Chosen Technology Group is your SIP trunking expert and can provide a customized solution for your business today.


Need a 911 solution for your on-premises PBX? We offer a fully IP based solution for your static, nomadic, and even mobile subscribers. With nationwide coverage and 98% address acceptance, we offer a fully FCC/CRTC compliant solution for your emergency calling needs.

CRM Consulting

Are you having trouble managing your customer contact inbox? Are you missing opportunities to provide service to customers, duplicating efforts, and feeling disorganized? As a preferred implementation provider for Freshdesk, we can implement a customer relationship management solution which works for your business. The result? Faster responses, fewer staff resources, intelligent reporting, and fiercely loyal customers.