Phoenix Datacenter

Chosen Technology Group’s flagship facility is located inside of Phoenix NAP, in Phoenix, Arizona. Located in catastrophic disaster-free Arizona and in the fifth largest US metro, PhoenixNAP has over 25 unique carriers on-site to provide unparalleled connectivity.

Cooling: Our facility utilizes a best in breed, custom built, Daikin / McQuay chiller solution featuring chilled water cooling. It is concurrently maintainable, allowing 100% environment stability even with multiple equipment failures.  In addition, the facility keeps 150,000 gallons of on-site make up water in the event of a local water supply disruption.

Electrical: A full 2N (A/B) power distribution system powers every component in our network. With each side connected to it’s own S&C PureWave UPS system and backed by N+1 Cummins generators, both power feeds are fully isolated and designed to withstand any failure. In addition, SRP has a strong national reputation for being one of the most reliable electrical systems, reducing the chances for a failover event.

Security: Your data is sensitive and needs to be safeguarded. Our datacenter has 24x7x365 armed on-site security personnel, who are all direct facility employees, not contractors. Entrances are reinforced with bullet resistant glass and Kevlar, as well as having sandbag backings. Gaining access to the facility requires biometrics, using iris and vascular scanners, proximity based ID badges, and key-codes for true three factor authentication. The datacenter floor is further protected with infrared, anti-tailgate, anti-pass back equipped mantraps. A separate, secured shipping area further protects the facility, with automatic rejection of any unexpected packages / items. The facility’s physical security standards are fully audited and exceed requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Billey, and HIPAA.

Philadelphia Datacenter

Chosen Technology Group’s East-Coast facility is located in 2401 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA. 2401 Locust is a four-story carrier hotel and mission-critical facility. With abundant fiber connectivity due to the proximity to the AT&T Central Office and the B&O railroad right of way, the building permits direct access to AT&T, Verizon, Level 3, Zayo, WilTel, XO, Fibertech, Comcast, and Windstream.

Cooling: Our datacenter has three 200 ton cooling towers, which provide ample cooling capacity to the datacenter floor. The system is provided with a full backup to assure extended operation should electric or water services be interrupted.

Electrical: Directly connected to 13kV service with (2) 2500 kVA transformer and (1) 500kVA transformer with diverse entrance points, the datacenter has ample power. Each server is connected to battery backed uninterruptible power supplies, which are connected to redundant roof mounted CAT diesel generators. The facility’s generators are supplied from an in-ground 4000 gallon fuel tank and two day tanks on the roof, ensuring extended run-time without depending on outside fuel deliveries during a potential or actual emergency.