Provider Partners

Telia Sonera

TeliaSonera International Carrier operates one  of the top three IP backbones in the world. This provides a direct,  uninterrupted path between 202 Points of Presence throughout North America,  Europe, The Middle East, and Asia. Reliability is built in to the network with  full diversity on the physical layer. Geographically diverse fiber runs in all  major cities and international gateways ensure that the network never goes  down.


Zayo’s IP network connects more than 750 data centers in eight countries. Zayo owns and operates its own dense wave division multiplexing backbone, rather than using another provider’s wavelength services. Zayo’s network serves some of the largest carriers and content companies in the world.

Highwinds Network Group

Highwinds operates the RollingThunder Network,  which was purpose built in 2007 for a modern, high-change, media-intensive  hosting environment. The network is fully ringed and redundant, is never  oversubscribed, and has a 100% uptime SLA.

Quonix Networks

Quonix is a premium Philadelphia-based network  provider with 4 diverse uplinks to its network providers. Operating a fully  redundant Cisco 7600 based routing platform, the Quonix network is among the  most reliable and well-managed networks in the industry.


Bandwidth is the most innovative CLEC in North  America. Their nationwide voice footprint natively covers over 7,300 rate  centers, providing an all-IP network for crystal clear communications. With  separate signaling and audio facilities for reliability and flexibility, the  Bandwidth network is engineered for quality and unrivaled uptime.


Based in the Research Triangel of North  Carolina, ThinQ developed the industry’s first cloud-based, customer controlled  LCR as a Service (LCRaaS) platform. Offering direct access to 40+ terminating  carriers, ThinQ allows calls to be sent through the best possible carrier  routes to their destination. The result? Clear audio, no delays, and better  communications with your customers.